What exactly is Article Writing?

The theological articles delve into various aspects of religious beliefs, doctrines, and practices. This provides a comprehensive analysis of theological concepts, exploring religious teachings' history, interpretation, and application.

These articles offer insightful perspectives on topics such as the nature of God, the significance of faith, and the role of religion in society. They aim to deepen the understanding and knowledge of readers about theological principles and foster meaningful discussions on matters of spirituality and faith.

Written by scholars and experts in the missiological field, these articles present well-researched arguments and present diverse viewpoints, encouraging readers to critically engage with the contextual realities. Whether one is studying theology or simply interested in exploring religious ideas, these theological articles serve as valuable resources for understanding God's mission.

Submission Guidelines: Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced, and with one-inch margins all around are required for your review. Your article will be well crafted and consist of 4000-5000 words. It should start with a double-spaced, introduction, body of the article, and conclusion, along with end notes at the end (use endnotes rather than footnotes).


Missiological Thinking(MT) accepts unsolicited articles, based on biblical insights. Please clarify your argument in the article. The submitted article will be reviewed before acceptance. Missiological Thinking(MT) uses blind peer review, which means both the author and reviewer will be anonymous. Send us your article for consideration: