Why Genealogies Are Important?

Jesus' Family Tree



Why Genealogies Are Important?

"This is the family history of Jesus Christ. He came from the family of David, and David came from the family of Abraham." (Matthew 1:1)

A man was crossing the river finding a place to rest. He wandered about miles and miles to find an idealize place but did not get anyone. Almost tired and sleepless walking for many miles. He laid down at a place that was not comfortable for rest, accepting that he could not walk further. However, after some rest, he realized that there were many places he had skipped that were good for rest. The moral of this story is that to find idealized thoughts we often neglect the best ones around us.

Have you ever felt that there are certain parts of the Bible that are not important to study? Have you ever skipped them thinking that I would not get anything out of it? People often skip genealogies because they think it is only part of the historical concern or some sort of information. Remember, the Bible is not based on information, it is based on insights. Today's thought is based on things that sometimes we consider, not important at all. However, the reality is everything that is in the Bible is important for the readers.

The Gospel of Matthew, for example, in the first chapter is concerned with showing his audience that "God is with us" (this is the theme of the first chapter) who does not protect us alone, but rather saves us from sins. As a result, it begins to show His faithfulness in every generation from Abraham to David (first generation), David to those taken to Babylon (second generation), and so on until Christ was born (third generation). The number fourteen symbolizes God's care and protection in every generation. And everything God did in history is important. Matthew knew that his audience was Jewish and that they were aware of God's faithfulness in history, therefore, his aim was to demonstrate that God saves us from sins. This is the reason, he uses the story of Jesus' birth to demonstrate the purpose of this chapter.

Mary is pregnant with the power of the Holy Spirit, whereas Joseph plans to leave Mary because he does not want to embarrass her in public, as the Bible says, Joseph is a righteous man. However, God intervenes and shows that "He is with them," and never leaves, forsakes, nor abandons them no matter what. Consequently, Joseph is protected and saved from committing any sin through the Savior who is about to be born and would cleanse from our sins.

Remember! Everything around you is important, as everything that is in the Bible. The challenges around us need our attention to meditate on the importance of each and every chapter of the Bible.

Let's pray: God, we know that every Word of the Bible is important for our lives. Lead and guide through your Spirit, so that every Word of yours speaks to us in our daily life struggles. In Jesus name, we pray. Amen

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