We are Trusted and Invested



a close up of a jacket with a label on it
a close up of a jacket with a label on it

The servant’s task is to obey His master

But the master replied, ‘You wicked and lazy servant! Mathew 25: 26

In the midst of our bustling and knowledge-driven world, where the internet has become an essential part of every individual's life, we encounter various voices and opinions on how to invest our money. There are countless videos and articles offering strategies to double our wealth or secure lifelong profits. These teachings easily captivate our attention, steering our focus towards earthly matters instead of heavenly treasures.

Let us reflect upon a parable shared by Jesus, which speaks directly to our hearts. It tells of a man embarking on a long journey who entrusted his money to three servants before his departure. Two of them faithfully and diligently multiplied their master's wealth, pleasing him greatly. However, the third servant acted with fear and disdain. Instead of taking any action, he chose to do nothing at all with the precious bag of silver he had received.

This parable holds a profound message for each of us, revealing how we should utilize our talents in this world. Being His trustful servants, as we been trusted and invested. If we squander our precious moments in fear, fixated on earthly matters, as the third servant did, we become akin to that lazy and wicked servant. However, if we direct our investments towards Jesus, embracing faith and obedience, we align ourselves with His purpose.

The servant’s task is to obey His master. God has graciously bestowed upon us unique gifts and talents to be utilized for His divine purposes. Let us always remember that everything we possess ultimately belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ; we are not master over them, mere stewards of His blessings. The day of our Master's return draws near, when we will be called to give an account of how we have faithfully employed His resources. Let’s therefore, pause and assess our standing. Are we trusting and investing in others (Matthew 25:35-36) as God has trusted and invested in us, or are we consumed by the fleeting treasures of this earthly realm, destined for destruction?

May our hearts be filled with devotion and delight as we choose to trust and invest for the sake of kingdom values, seeking to fulfill God's mission in our lives.

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