The Power of the Holy Spirit

Comfort us, Leads us, Guides us, Strengthens us and Encourages us



two white doves flying
two white doves flying

The Power of the Holy Spirit

And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever. John 14:16

The Holy Spirit is like a helper who shows us the way, comforts us, and makes us stronger in our faith. It's important to notice when the Holy Spirit is with us and listen to what He tells us. When we read the Bible every day, we can see the works of the Spirit.

When we think about the Holy Spirit, several questions arise, as the Holy Spirit guides us, are we truly paying attention, or are we ignoring His guidance, in both big and small matters? What should we teach our children about the Holy Spirit? Are parents, the Church, and spiritual leaders teaching children about the works of the Holy Spirit? Let’s find the answers through the lens of the Bible.

The Holy Spirit works in special ways in our lives. It brings calm and comfort, even when things are tough. It helps us understand tricky situations and make choices that please God. It reminds us when we get turned off the right path. It also gives us special talents to help others. Through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, we experience love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23).

Imagine it like this, if you have these above-mentioned qualities (in the human sense), it's like having a powerful antivirus in your system, keeping you safe. But if you feel hatred, sadness, restlessness, impatience, cruelty, wickedness, disloyalty, roughness, and a lack of self-control inside you, it's like having a harmful virus in your body. This virus can spread and harm not just your body but your soul too. However, (in the divine sense) the Holy Spirit protects our bodies from being harmed.

The Bible teaches us an important lesson through Samson's story in the Book of Judges. Samson was special from the very beginning because God's Spirit was with him. His great strength came from the Spirit. But many times, Samson made choices that went against what the Spirit wanted. However, when he realized his mistakes and asked God for help, he found the strength again. At the end, he did something incredible by destroying the temple of a false god. It shows us that even when we make mistakes and turn to God, His Spirit can help us do amazing things.

Throughout the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit played an important role in empowering individuals. Prophets, leaders, and judges were filled with the Spirit to fulfill God's missions. In the New Testament, we witness the fulfillment of Jesus' promise to send the Holy Spirit. The Day of Pentecost marked a significant outpouring of the Spirit's power on the early disciples (Acts 2). This event empowered them to become bold witnesses for Christ.

It is important to remember, the Spirit is not only a helper alone, it teaches and reminds us of the teachings of Christ (John 14:25). He convinces and convicts the world about sin (John 16:8-10). He also leads us to all truth, and what is to come and glorifies Jesus (John 16:13-14). Also, the Spirit helps us to know our weaknesses and even begs God for us with deep feelings that words cannot explain (Romans 8:26).

The Bible emphasizes the importance of not quenching or grieving the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 4:30, 1 Thessalonians 5:19). Jesus' teachings emphasized the Spirit's guidance in discerning truth and living a righteous life.

It's essential to tell our children that the Holy Spirit is like a helper, who convinces and convicts. leads, guides, and through the gifts of the Spirit the Church flourishes. Parents, the Church, and spiritual leaders need to make sure to teach the young generation to truly understand the works of the Holy Spirit.

In conclusion, let's remember the key lessons. Samson's story teaches us the power of surrender and repentance when we have strayed from God's path. We should always ask God so that His Holy Spirit helps us to be opened to His guidance. He gives us special talents to help people who are in desperate need to serve others and fulfill His divine purpose.

Let's pray. Heavenly Father, we are grateful for the amazing gift of the Holy Spirit. Help us to listen when the Spirit guides us. Let's remember the story of Samson that when we admit our mistakes and turn to You, the Spirit can make us stronger again. Fill us with Your Spirit each and every day, and may our next generations walk in the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We pray in Jesus' name. Amen.

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