The Power of Beatitudes: True Blessedness comes with Repentance and Faith

Discover True Blessedness through Repentance and Faith



The Power of Beatitudes: True Blessedness comes with Repentance and Faith

They are blessed who grieve, for God will comfort them (Matthew 5:4)

Alister was one of the guys who always got upset because of his past sinful life. He used to spend his life with guilt and unforgiveness. The villagers often wondered why Alister got so upset.

One day a pastor came to his village, and he preached the Word of God telling them if we confess our sins our God is so gracious and able to forgive our sins through Jesus Christ. He told the people it does not matter, how filthy and disgusting interests we have and had. Once we surrender our hearts asking the Lord's forgiveness, He forgives us. Alister after reflecting on his past life believed the preacher's word, and he trusted the Lord beholding that no matter how sinful I had and how disgustful my life lifestyle was God can forgive my sins through Jesus Christ. From that day onwards his life totally changed and he was freed from his past guilt.

In the Bible, the second beatitude is one of the profound truths of the Word of God for any sinner in this world. This truth reminds us that once we store the Word of God (like Alister did) it enriches us to recognize our sinful state, and we confess how sinful we are. As a result, this treasure allows us to repent before the Lord of all of our sins. Once we get a repented heart it moves us to the next phase to trust the Lord to get freed from our guilt. Remember, it does not mean that next time we won't sin, but rather it means that whenever we sin our sins will be forgiven. However, it is important to remember that a believer does not sin intentionally rather a believer sins unintentionally. Otherwise, we will sin against the Holy Spirit (Matthew 12:31).

Unfortunately, there are millions and millions of people who feel guilt alone, whereas feeling guilt is a sin before God's eyes. The guilt only leads the sinner to stay apart from God and his people (like Alister did). The Bible reveals the situation of Judas Iscariot who only felt guilt, and this guilt led him to suicide. It is lamentable to say many people are satisfied with their guilty lives which leads them to sin. However, on the other hand, Peter after Jesus' denial confessed his sins and got freed from his sin.

Remember, our comfort belongs to confession and having faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. The repentance and faith-oriented life has a powerful journey for saving the lives of others through the message of the Cross. Thus, this beatitude directly links to our overall behavior rather than only feeling guilty about our past life or about any sin we have committed before the Lord. The Word of God invites us to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal to us, how sinful we are, for confession and to give up the sinful life.

Do you have any guilt about your past life? Do you feel that your sins are unforgiven? Let's come before the Lord with humble hearts and ask him to help us to know our sins by the power of the Holy Spirit. And give us this courage to grieve over our sins, so that through repentance we find the comfort of the Lord in Jesus Christ. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

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