Lamp and Light



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lighted kerosene lantern -

The Word of God

Your word is like a lamp for my feet and a light for my path (Psalm 119:105)

The world around us is fascinated by many things that have attracted its curiosity in various ways. Some are interested in ecology, ethics, and environmental studies, while others are interested in aesthetics, technical breakthroughs, and so on. Whatever the world's interests are, the sole reality of these interests is that people are involved in various roles. Are these interests bad? No! Everyone is working for the interests that God has gifted this world with.

The Bible frames this approach in this way: all of our interests are founded on focusing on God's Word in order to accomplish God's interest in various ways. We are gifted with different talents and capacities to work for the beauty and delight of this world. In this way meditating on the Word of God enables our different capacities to approach this world becoming a lamp and light. The work of lamp and light are the same to light up. In the ancient world, people used lanterns that lighten the marcher's path. The work of the lamp is to lighten our ways so we may march further according to our God-given capacities and talents. We are the light of the world, Jesus said, and this light becomes the beauty and delight of the world so that God's name may be praised (Matthew 5:14-16).

Today God has given us different gifts and capacities to work for God's interest being lamp and light in this world. Are we ready to work for the beauty and delight of this world? Let the Word of God be our lamp and light to perfect our abilities to attain our interests fulfilling God's work.

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