Choosing to Serve: A Husband's High Calling

Prophet, Priest and King



Choosing to Serve: A Husband's High Calling

But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15

The verse from Joshua 24:15, is a powerful commitment by Joshua, a leader chosen by God. It emphasizes that a household's devotion to God begins with a decisive choice made by its leader. For husbands, this calls for reflection on their role as spiritual leaders, urging them to actively lead their families in the service of the Lord. It challenges husbands to make a resolute decision to prioritize God in their homes, fostering an environment where faith is central to every aspect of family life.

In essence, this verse prompts husbands to ponder the significance of their leadership within the family unit. It encourages them to be intentional about fostering an environment where Christ is not just a part of life but the central focus. Joshua's declaration challenges husbands to be proactive in leading their families in the ways of faith, establishing a commitment to serve the Lord that permeates every aspect of family life.

Let’s questions ourself and then find answers from the Bible:

What is signified by saying, "As for My House" for husbands?

When we declare, "As for my house, we will serve the Lord," it goes beyond mere words—it's a commitment to establish our homes as sacred spaces for God's presence. This commitment requires creating an atmosphere where faith isn't confined to Sunday routines but becomes an integral part of our daily lives. Husbands are encouraged to take the lead in fostering family worship, prayer, and the study of God's Word.

What does it mean for husbands to be a "Prophet"?

In the role of a prophet, husbands are called to be bearers of God's truth within their homes. Deuteronomy 6:6-7 underscores the importance of diligently teaching God's commandments to our children. Being a prophet means actively imparting biblical wisdom and guidance, ensuring that our families are rooted in the principles of God's Word.

What is the implication for husbands being a "Priest"?

As priests in our homes, husbands are tasked with interceding for their families. 1 Timothy 2:8 emphasizes the significant role of men in leading in prayer. Acting as priests, husbands stand before God on behalf of their families, seeking His mercy, grace, and guidance in every aspect of their lives.

What does it signify for husbands to act as a "King"?

The husband's role as a king involves wise and compassionate governance. Proverbs 29:4 compares a king's role to establishing order, providing direction, and ensuring stability. Similarly, husbands are called to lead with love and humility, creating an environment where their families can flourish and thrive in God's intended order.

One last question, what does "The High Calling of Christian Husbands" mean?

The concept of "The High Calling of Christian Husbands" emphasizes the elevated nature of our role. Ephesians 5:25 serves as a guiding light, urging husbands to love their wives sacrificially, reflecting Christ's profound love for the Church. This isn't a passive duty; it establishes a standard for husbands to actively engage in the spiritual growth and overall well-being of their families.

Let's dive into the inspiring story of Abraham, a man known for his deep faith and trust in God. Abraham was not just an individual; he was also the leader of his family. In everything he did, he demonstrated unwavering confidence in God's guidance. Abraham's obedience to God had a profound impact on his entire household. Imagine it like this: When Abraham listened to and followed God's instructions, his family, including his wife, children, and others under his care, experienced a special connection with God. This connection is often referred to as a "covenant relationship," a unique promise and bond between God and Abraham's family. So, the story of Abraham highlights not only an individual's faith but also the significant role a husband plays as the leader of his household. Abraham's trust in God didn't just benefit him personally; it extended to bless his entire family. This narrative encourages us as husbands to recognize the potential impact our faith can have on those we lead and care for in our homes. It's a reminder of the profound influence a husband's relationship with God can have on the spiritual journey and well-being of the entire family.

In every talk about God, our Lord Jesus is the most important and above everyone else. Think about Jesus as the best example of three important roles: a prophet (someone who tells God's message), a priest (someone who talks to God for others), and a king (someone who leads with authority). Look at how Jesus lived, died, and came back to life. His way of living showed a special kind of love where he gave up things for others. When he died, he was like a priest, talking to God for everyone. And when he came back to life, it showed He has ultimate authority. So, Jesus is a guide for husbands. His life teaches us about love, talking to God for others, and leading with authority. If husbands want to follow their important role, they can look at Jesus as their perfect example. His way of doing things is like the base or starting point for husbands who want to do their job well.

The verse from 1 Corinthians 11:3 tells us, "But I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God." This verse acts like a guide, revealing how God has arranged things. So, as husbands, we need to see where we fit into God's plan. As this devotional thought mainly focuses on husbands. It's a reminder for us to really think about our actions. Are we doing what the Bible says we should do? Taking this time to reflect helps us ensure that our actions align with what the Bible teaches husbands to do. Let's critically assess our current roles. Are we actively carrying out our responsibilities according to God's Word? This reflection is essential as it allows us to adjust our actions to meet the biblical standard set for husbands.

We should allow the Holy Spirit, who helps us, to guide us and make us strong in every part of life. In the Bible, in Galatians 5:22-23, it talks about the "fruits of the Spirit," which are the good qualities the Spirit gives. These qualities are just what husbands need to be good leaders at home, church, work, and everywhere else. So, understanding the Holy Spirit's role helps husbands have the right qualities for leading well in their families and everywhere else.

Take a close look at the values and teachings that are widely accepted in the world around us. In Ephesians 6:4, the Bible advises us on how to bring up our children. It encourages us to provide them with training and instruction that comes from the Lord. This verse underscores the significance of deliberately countering the prevailing influences of the world with the timeless truths found in God's teachings. In simpler terms, as parents or guardians, we are urged to be intentional about the lessons we instill in our children. Instead of letting them solely absorb the values commonly seen in the world, we are called to actively incorporate God's wisdom and guidance into their upbringing. It's like creating a balance, making sure that our children not only understand the world around them but also have a strong foundation in the principles of God's truth. This approach helps them navigate life with a solid moral compass and a deep understanding of what is right and good, according to God's standards.

In our concluding prayer, let us seek God's empowerment to embrace our high calling as husbands. May our families become beacons of God's love and truth, and may we, as leaders, be guided by His Spirit in every aspect of our lives. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

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