Blessings Beyond Material Wealth - To Show the Kingdom of God

Discovering the True Meaning of Being Blessed



Discovering the True Meaning of Being Blessed

"Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 5:3

The concept of being blessed and poor in spirit is often misconstrued in today's world, while material wealth and possessions are celebrated as the ultimate blessings. But as followers of Christ, it is crucial that we seek a deeper understanding of what it truly means to be poor in spirit and be blessed in Jesus' sight as outlined in the Bible.

So, what does it mean to be blessed here? It is keeping the Word of God during tough times. It means to feed our thirsty souls. So that it becomes a great treasure to show the kingdom of God. In other words, we become a vessel of wisdom once we get entrusted with the Wisdom of God to face every challenge to show the kingdom of God on earth. Isn't this more than wealth's blessing? Yes, it is beyond this!!

Let’s consider, some questions; are we using the unlimited blessings God has bestowed upon us to care for others and share His love? Remember before sharing these blessings we need to fill ourselves. And we can only fill it through the wisdom of God.

Still, the concern is how to fill ourselves to align our hearts and minds with the teachings of Jesus and actively live out His Word to be blessed in God's sight to demonstrate the kingdom of God.

Think about the story of the Widow's Offering in Mark 12:41-44. In this story, there was a widow who didn't have much money. She gave just two small coins as an offering at the temple. Even though her gift was small in terms of money, it was big in terms of her faith and dedication to show the reign of God. Did you ever think what she would have thought even if she got out of her pocket? In her extraordinary journey, she would have known that the earthly treasures may become empty because of limited resources. However, the kingdom's riches have no limit. This is the reason when Jesus saw her act of faith, he responded this in great wonder as a true example of believing in God and having the blessing of demonstrating the kingdom of God.

The Bible says that blessings are not just about getting lots of money or material things. Blessings include gifts that touch hearts, like love, grace, peace, joy, wisdom, and the hope of living forever with Jesus. For example, in Matthew 5:3–4, 10–11, it says that people are blessed even when they face difficulties for doing what's right. In Luke 11:28, it tells us that hearing and obeying God's word is a blessing. Romans 4:7 talks about being blessed when our wrongdoings are forgiven, and James 1:12 says that those who stay strong during tough times are blessed.

Remember the Bible doesn't talk about having lots of money or everything going perfectly as signs of being blessed. The Bible does not link blessings to wealth or perfect circumstances. Blessings can be found in tough times, poverty, or the joy that comes from faith in Jesus. It's about being satisfied and favored by God, regardless of the situation.

This is a powerful reminder for us today that being blessed is not about having much money rather it's about showing the reign of the Lord even if you don't have enough.

In the Old Testament, we often hear about blessings in the stories of people like Abraham, Jacob, and the Israelites. These blessings from God are not just for this life; they go beyond time and assure us of being saved by Jesus and living with Him in heaven forever. In a world where social media often highlights material possessions, let's remember that the blessings we truly desire cannot be seen with our eyes; we can only see them through our faith in Jesus Christ. These blessings are eternal and are stored for us in heaven.

Since we have received the best gift - salvation through Jesus, we should be like bright lights, sharing God's love and to blessings with others. Please remember this beatitude does not mean "sharing" but rather "filling" before sharing.

The teachings of Jesus Christ guide us to align our hearts and minds with Him, bringing joy and true blessing into our selves to other lives. It is like storing treasure to share with others. As written, "Blessed are those who hear the Word and act on it" Luke 11:28. The most extraordinary blessing we have ever received is having a relationship with God Himself. When we have a strong connection with God, it truly means we are blessed in a deep and meaningful way to show the reign of the Lord.

Heavenly Father, help us understand the true meaning of being blessed according to Your Word. May we get enriched through the spiritual and eternal blessings you provide and use them to bless others to show the reign of the Lord. Lord help us to keep our hearts aligned with Your teachings, and may our lives reflect the love and grace You have poured upon us. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

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