Are we Called to be Witness Christ or Arguing Christ?

Witnessing Christ versus Arguing: Our Calling



Are we Called to be Witness Christ or Arguing Christ?

He[Paul] explained and proved that the Christ must die and then rise from the dead. He said, “This Jesus I am telling you about is the Christ.” Some of them were convinced and joined Paul and Silas, along with many of the Greeks who worshiped God and many of the important women. (Acts 17:3-4)

The Christian groups were invited to an event where the prize for delivering some good songs was announced. The top prize was $1500. The groups arrived at the ceremony and performed songs. Everyone did their best, but the group that performed the song with the hope that others would hear its testimony won the prize.

The story in our churches is exactly the same. Unfortunately, the majority of congregations in our churches today participate in this practice; they frequently share the message of Christ without witnessing it. We often change this witnessing reality being too doctrinal and too complicated in sharing our thoughts with this world today. This leaves, on the one hand, the listeners unrewarded because of the message's complexity. On the other hand, the message becomes rigid in nature from the sharer's side.

This could often misperceive from this story of the Bible that Paul loved to debate, while the reality is not this. The Bible gives us examples that testify to the truth written in it. The whole practice was based on listening to the Word of God and being a participant in this message. The story of Paul, when he shared the news of the risen Christ, was not based on winning any prize, argument, or debate. There is a difference between "convicting reality and uncertain reality". In convicting reality, we do not impose our message, rather we believe the message has the power to transform. Whereas in 'uncertain reality' we try to impose our words believing the listener should accept them. The case of Paul was different in every aspect, his conviction never ever took the place of winning any prize or debate from the world's order. Rather Paul's conviction was based on sowing the seed for witnessing Christ. This is the reason in every case, Paul attached the story of Christ with his story to present Christ.

We need to remember the message itself has the power to transform the lives of listeners. How can we witness the message of the Lord? We belong to the world that wants to see the work of Christ in us.

Heavenly Father, we come before you and ask you to fill us with the Holy Spirit so that whatever we share becomes a living witness for this world. Help us, when we share the message it will be not for winning any argument, nor letting down anyone, but rather to present Christ with meekness and humbleness so that through our message Christ's story is shared with this world. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen

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